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At Safford Law, we believe that all children have a right to an education, no matter their circumstances. That is why our attorneys who specialize in education law will go the distance to ensure that every child facing expulsion or who needs an IEP, get the help they need. 


Simply having a lawyer present might be enough to sway school administrators, but we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you and your child are ready to confront them together. 



How An Attorney Can Help Students Facing Expulsion


In a typical expulsion case, the school will first hand down a suspension and gather evidence before conducting a hearing to determine if expulsion is necessary. This is the time to look for an education law attorney. They can help students facing expulsion by:


  • Helping students and parents gather evidence and build a case against the school for the initial hearing.

  • Establish that the school is abiding by its own policies and procedures as well as what is described in the law.

  • Negotiate on the student’s behalf to reduce or dispel punishment.

  • Help students win an appeal in the event that their initial hearing doesn’t result favorably.


An expulsion can be detrimental to a student’s ability to apply for other schools, colleges, jobs, and more. With this in mind, students should try to do their best to make sure that these hearings count. Our firm will make sure that they do.