Attorneys For Juvenile Court Cases


Having the right attorney for juvenile court cases could be the difference between being tried as an adult or being tried as a minor. The court procedures, the severity of penalties, and other possible outcomes differ greatly so it’s important that teens under 18 get a fair trial. At Safford Law, we can provide legal representation for teens charged with a crime. We’ll help them navigate through what can be a complex court system and get them back on track. 



How A Lawyer For A Juvenile Delinquency Case Can Help 


Minors charged with committing a crime often don’t know where to start. The same can be said for their parents, as juvenile law can be complicated. However, an experienced Juvenile lawyer can help by:



  • Informing you of your rights, such as the right to have an attorney present with you for police questioning.

  • Keep names confidential and out of the public eye.

  • Diverting cases: This could include avoiding incarceration and ensuring that there is no juvenile court record for their client.  

  • Juvenile release: This means arranging a release from pre-adjudication detention.

  • Persuading a judge to give a lighter and more sympathetic disposition.

  • Making sure that teens are tried as minors and not as adults.  


In all cases, teens are entitled to a juvenile lawyer. There is no need to form a defense and go to court alone when an affordable attorney for juvenile court is just a phone call away. 



What Makes Safford Law The Best Possible Juvenile Lawyer 


There are two core characteristics to look for before hiring an attorney to handle your juvenile court case. Those characteristics include a deep knowledge of juvenile law and respect in the courtroom. At Safford Law, we have both. Our years of studying juvenile law and our time spent in the courtroom allow us to know the tendencies of judges and prosecutors in these types of cases. We’ll fight for your rights with zeal and get you back to a brighter future without the hindrance of a juvenile delinquency on your record. 


Contact us today to see how zealous advocacy in the courtroom can help you and your family.