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It’s every lawyer’s duty to know and understand the law. But, understanding the election process can be just as important.


We believe in getting candidates the full opportunity to be on the ballot and run a successful campaign. Our firm can help you from start to finish. From drafting petitions, to campaign consulting, to even helping you develop PR strategies, our firm will work for you. 



Petition Drafting 


Filing the proper paperwork is only part of the battle to get on the ballot. The other part is dependent on getting the right amount of signatures. Depending on what position you’re running for, the number of signatures will vary. The one thing that stays constant is the need to have a petition drafted the right way. We’ll make sure you get your petition ready to be distributed on time and in a way that will get you those crucial signatures. 



Get On The Ballot And Stay On The Ballot


After you’ve succeeded in getting your name on the ballot, the process doesn’t end there. Safford Law can defend against any ballot challenges so that you can keep campaigning with confidence. Running a campaign takes loads of time and energy, so let someone who is educated and trained in election law handle these circumstances. 


Campaign Consulting And Strategy


While campaigning, candidates often get sidetracked with day to day tasks. But our expertise in the campaign process can help you see your efforts from a birds-eye view. We’ll help implement goals and strategies that maximize the ROI of your campaign’s budget. Our knowledge of public outreach can be used no matter what position you are running for.



Public Relations And Communications


Every politician either involuntarily or voluntarily appeals to a certain demographic. The key to campaigning successfully involves catering to that demographic. Successful public relations and communication strategies help you do just that. We’ll help deliver your message the right way to the right people. 


Contact us today to see how zealous advocacy in the courtroom can help you and your family.