DCFS And Guardianship ATTORNEYS

Cases involving the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) can be a hard process to get through for both parents and children alike. But, finding an affordable attorney with proven experience in DCFS litigation and guardianship cases should not be as difficult. 

Our time spent in the courtroom and with the DCFS puts us in prime position to offer trial services for your family. We represent both families wanting to adopt and parents seeking reunification with their children. We also provide DCFS litigation defense and more. At Safford Law, you’ll find a proven negotiator that’s dedicated to serving families. 

Legal Help For Parents And Caregivers To Reunite With Kids in Foster Care

Children often enter the foster care system due to events that are completely outside of their control. The same can be said for parents and caregivers. Your child doesn’t have to stay in foster care. As a matter of fact, three out of five children in foster care are returned home to their parents or other relatives.

But how long it takes to get your kids back can depend on the knowledge and tenacity of your family lawyer. That’s were Safford Law comes in. We are a law firm dedicated to families and we believe parents who are ready to properly take care of their children should be able to do so.

Obtaining Legal Guardianship For Minors or Disabled Adults

Almost everyone will agree that minors and totally  disabled adults need a guardian. Who gets awarded that privilege can often be a conflict. However, at Safford Law, we offer legal representation in contested guardianships of minors and/or disabled adults. We aim to make sure that these individuals who deserve love and support get it. Obtaining guardianship can be a long process but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our experience proves it.

Parents Wanting To Terminate A Guardianship

Parents who find themselves in a better situation and feel fit to raise their child again can request to terminate a guardianship. But regaining custody from the courts isn’t as easy as just asking. We’ll help you build your case so you can put your child in an environment that is truly in their best interest. 

Legal Representation For DCFS Expungement Appeal Hearings

An Indicated Finding can have a negative impact on employment opportunities and your rights to your child. Having those words attached to your name can have lifelong consequences. Our legal representation in DCFS expungement appeal hearings can exonerate you from false allegations. 

Legal Representation In DCFS Investigations

DCFS Investigations can be intimidating, but that feeling can be alleviated with the right lawyer by your side. Whether you’re a caregiver, teacher, doctor, etc., we can be your legal representative during a DCFS investigation. We’ll also let you know what to expect beforehand so that the investigation can be as smooth as possible. 

Helping Foster Parents In DCFS Placement Appeals

Foster parents are sometimes the best temporary placement for a child. Foster parents in danger of losing their foster children should know their rights. Luckily at Safford Law, we’re highly knowledgeable in this area. We’ll represent foster parents in court and ensure that they exercise their rights in juvenile court and during DCFS placement appeals.



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